School of Medicine

Established in 1985 and since has grown into one of the largest and reputable medical schools in Iran and in the region. The medical school with around 210 academic faculty members trains large number of medical students in theoretical, tutorial and teaching hospitals. The medical school is keeping itself in line with major development in the field of medicine and in 2016 for the first time established an Internal Medicine course. In 2017, some new postgraduate courses such as anatomical sciences and other health related courses were approved by the Ministry of Health making it as a unique and novel training provider in the Asia. The medical school is honored to introduce itself as an international site for training medical students from across the world and already training large number of students particularly from neighboring countries and countries around the Persian Gulf. The medical school actively works in collaboration with other industries and scientists locally and internationally with the aim of improving health.  


For further information please contact the Head of School

CV DR Jafariazar