School of Paramedics

The School of paramedics was established in 2008 and it covers mainly three bachelor degrees, including laboratory sciences, anesthesiologist assistant and operating room sciences with the total number of students in excess 1500 including international students.

An introduction to operating room technology is one of the medical sciences through which students become familiar with the new principles and technologies of operating rooms in specialty and subspecialty operations and learn to deal with pre-operation patient preparation, during operation, and post operation patient care. Graduates will be considered as a member of health care team who will be actively involved in patient care.

An introduction to anesthesiologist assistant program is designed to familiarize the students with the principle of anesthesiology procedures, instruments and tools used in this specialty and subspecialty operations such as cardiovascular, thoracic, cerebral, neurological operations, organ transplant and dealing with patient care post anesthesia.  The students will become familiar with the advances in anesthetic knowledge, post-anesthetic care unit (PACU) and the acute pain service and emergency services.

An introduction to laboratory science program is regarded as a laboratory science which is a branch of medical sciences. Students will be trained to use their knowledge for laboratory analysis of blood, liquids and tissues of the human body.  It is primarily used for the diagnosis of the disease and to monitor the health of individuals. Along with medical advances, the laboratory diagnostic methods to the point of accuracy and sensitivity of devices will be challenged and validated.

For further information please contact the Head of School on:

CV DR parsania